A Couple Without Borders

A Couple Without Borders

We are Robyn & Paul, or better know as A Couple Without Borders (@acouplewithoutborders)
We are a NYC based couple together 24/7 through work and travel - and have no borders with our followers as we share our authentic selves each and every day through our IG stories and photos. Our focus started with birding & wildlife photography (& getting lifers!) both locally and abroad and as our following grew it became something so much more.

We quickly realized, that people were learning and becoming inspired. Not only to start birding and learning how to identifying birds, but how (and why) to “do better”. Whether it was picking up fishing line or balloons at their local beaches, planting native flora for pollinators or starting to change to a more plant based diet. As our following grew, we felt a responsibility to grow this inspiration and were humbled by the messages we received each day.

We accomplish this by sharing and educating through our photographs and videos.

Our followers say they always feel like they are traveling right along with us - whether it’s looking for birds in the forest, exploring beaches to watch nesting shorebirds or visiting new places around the world. To accomplish getting out all this content in almost real time each day, we need quick access to our phones, cameras and binoculars in a split second. Cotton Carrier’s products have allowed us to not only accomplish this, but make it so much easier and more enjoyable - and without costly repair expenses for dropped cameras (it’s happened)! I may be taking a photo of a bird when Paul spots a rarity that I need to get my binoculars on in a split second. I can “drop” my camera, check my binocs and quickly grab my camera again to get the shot. We can trek through hand-over-hand rocky trails, walk though muddy swamplands and even travel by bike without a second thought about our gear. It’s all fully secured and keeps our hands free - to balance or take cell phone videos! The freedom this allows not only physically, but mentally has changed our daily lives. Cotton Carrier has become something that we never leave home without and we don’t know how we managed so long without it. We recommend the harnesses to every photographer we meet and so many of our followers have also purchased them - and let us know how much they love the products too. For all of these reasons, we are so honored to be chosen as a Brand Ambassador for Cotton Carrier.

Robyn has a degree in Biology and was a former zookeeper with the Wildlife Conservation Society. The biggest conservation project we are currently involved in is with saving the Monarch Butterflies. Each summer we collect eggs from all the roadsides that get mowed down and raise the caterpillars (outdoors) until they become butterflies and are released. We then work with Monarch Watch to tag the wings to be tracked on their migration to Mexico.  Last year we raised over 1 Thousand - a task that took 5+ hours every day from July to Sept to accomplish. While doing this, we educate the public on the life cycle of the monarch (allowing followers to name one and follow along with its journey), about milkweed (the caterpillars' only food source) and what they can do to decrease their chances of extinction. We are also heavily involved in many citizen science projects including American Oystercatcher tracking and research for the American Oystercatcher Working Group.

All this isn't even our "real job" where we own a Pet Sitting & Dog Walking company which is now franchised and teach Pet CPR & First Aid classes.