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Our New Binocular Bracket and Camera Harness

September 15, 2016

Our New Binocular Bracket and Camera Harness

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product - the new Binocular Bracket and Camera Harness. 

Whether you're a twitcher*, a sports fan or simply enjoy spending time taking in the view, it's important to have your equipment at the ready.  

The bracket and harness can easily support one pair of binoculars and one camera, enabling you to spot and then capture everything on your tick. (A birding "bucket list" for the uninitiated.) 

Our improved bracket has a number of key features:

1. It's compatible with most binoculars.

2. It can be used with any of our harnesses or holsters.  A strong strap of nylon webbing with a wide velcro fastener, attached to a CCS anodized aluminum camera hub, provides a secure system for mounting your binoculars to your existing Cotton Carrier Harness. 

3. You can mount it on your tripod using the 1/4-20 threaded hole.

binocular bracket, cotton carrier binocular bracket

As with all of our products, the Binocular Bracket and Camera Harness keeps your equipment secure, close to the body and always within easy reach.  We don't want you to dip out** after all. 

We pride ourselves in creating products that are not only functional but also ergonomically correct. Using our carrying systems helps avoid the neck and back strain often associated with having cameras and binoculars dangle around your neck.  


cotton carrier binocular bracket, binocular brackets

For more information about the Binocular Bracket and Camera Harness and to order yours, click here

And for the uninitiated, some Bird Watching Terminology

*Twitcher - Avid bird watcher.

**Dip Out - Miss seeing the bird you're looking for.

Dude - A novice, who doesn't really know much about birds.

Plastic - A bird that has escaped captivity, not living in the wild.  

Yank - You guessed it, a bird from North America. 

binocular bracket, cotton carrier binocular brackets, photographs with binocular brackets