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CCS SteadyShot - mount only

This is the perfect accessory for the CCS Camera Harness and is intended for users who already own the Harness. The CCS SteadyShot easily slides into the Lexan Camera Mount and is designed to support your camera with a big lens or a DSLR set up for video shooting.

If you also NEED a CCS Camera Harness go to this page.

The mounting plate on the SteadyShot is pre-drilled and ready to accept any manufacturer’s quick release plate. Video shooters can add a video-fluid-head to help provide an amazingly stable platform for comfortable shooting.


CCS SteadyShot - mount only includes:

- CCS SteadyShot camera mount

- Camera mounting bolt

- (2) KIPP SteadyShot adjustment handles

1/4" to 3/8" Tripod Adapter/Bushing

- 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Does not include: CCS Harness, CCS Hand Strap or CCS Universal Tripod Adapter plate.

Ball head or tripod quick release clamp not included but will accept most brands. SteadyShot accepts any 1/4" threaded Quick Release CLAMP or use the included camera mounting bolt to thread camera directly onto the support arm.

Important Notes

Cotton Camera Carrying Systems involve moving parts that must be maintained periodically.

INSTALL THE CAMERA ON THE STEADYSHOT MOUNTING PLATE – use the included tightening tool (Allen Key), tighten the camera mounting bolt as TIGHTLY AS POSSIBLE. Adequate tightening is what keeps your camera securely attached to the mounting plate. Check it until you are satisfied it is snugged down enough.

Frequently check the tightness of the mounting bolt so camera maintains a stable connection to the plate. 

Tripod Compatibility

The CCS SteadyShot - mount only does not include our Universal Tripod Adapter plate. If you would like to go directly from the SteadyShot to your favourite tripod you will need this plate. Buy a Universal Tripod Adapter plate here.

This plate is compatible with most tripod heads on the market. It is cut to fit directly into any Arca-Swiss style head. Designed with enough adjustment holes to slide back and forth on the bottom of your camera to leave the battery door accessible.

See our CCS SteadyShot instruction video here.

See our CCS SteadyShot instruction sheet here (PDF)

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