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CCS G3 Grey Harness-1

CCS G3 Camera Harness System for one camera - Charcoal Grey. This system is designed for the active photographer. The harness supports and secures one camera with a long lens, keeping it always at the ready. The ergonomic design of this camera vest carrier distributes the weight of the camera helping to lessen the fatigue of a long shooting day.

The Harness System is the ultimate in weight distribution, comfort and stability. We do not have a weight max that camera gear can reach. 

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This system keeps your hands free, your equipment safe, and your body mobile. Ready to shoot. Right now!

As our gear continues to evolve, the details in product images may vary slightly from products received. Be assure, we are only making changes to ever improve our gear.

Product Code: 686GREY

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$129.00 USD
Regulärer Preis
$129.00 USD
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 82 reviews

    I just received both vests - one for my wife and one for me. This is a quality vest. After attaching the flat hub to my Sony a7RIV, I put it onto my vest. Secure, balanced and within easy grasp. Looking forward to our Grand Canyon trip with this setup.

    Best way to carry a DSLR in the wilderness

    I have the previous iteration of the Cotton Carrier chest harness and I have used it extensively to carry a DSLR on numerous hikes and scrambles and even some technical climbs. It is the most comfortable way to carry the camera and still have the camera easily accessible for taking photos at a moments notice. I have also used shoulder strap carriers but they get old after a few hours and just having the camera on a strap means the camera bangs into the rock when scrambling. I have also done some trail running (very slowly though) with a camera and the CC harness. It works, but you have to strap it down tight to keep it from bouncing. You do have to be careful when bending over that the camera doesn't spin around and drop out, but you learn to trap the camera when doing that.

    It looks like the G3 has some improvements over the older harness I have so it should be even better.

    Game Changer!

    So I had a chance to use the harness the last couple days. The first thing you should know is that I am not your typical wildlife photographer. I don’t shoot in many easy access situations. I spend a lot of time off trail. Just out in the mountains.
    That means a lot of climbing over or ducking under obstacles. Hard work. On most of my hikes I would rather have my camera safe in my pack. That doesn’t work though as I never know when I might have an encounter. In the past I have used a“binocular harness”, but it was lacking.
    This harness however “rocked”! I spent the day in rimrock county. Tough country, and with 6-8 inches of snow it was very challenging. With your harness though I was never worried about my camera. It was secure and solidly in place, nice and tight to my body. It is also very quiet, no noise when I’m moving and very easy and quiet to get into play for a shot.
    In short I love the harness!


    I had a previous generation of this product and Love it! It made location shoots so much easier! I recently had a small issue with my old harness. The customer service was absolutely TOP SHELF! I thought the previous harness was perfect. I now have the Gen three and love it even more. COTTON CARRIER HAS A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

    Ready for the storm!

    I bought a Cotton Carrier CCS-G3 (1 camera) and took it on a trip through Paris, So. France, Amsterdam and 2 weeks in Israel. I carried a Canon 80D w/70-200 L-series Canon lens (10+ pounds w/spare lenses, batteries, etc) every day. Weight distribution was excellent, so fatigue was no longer a factor, and security and ease of use were great! Is it pretty? No, but I wasn't in a beauty contest. Amazing product! Kudos to the designer.

    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS G3 Grey Harness-1 - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems

    Featured in

    Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Shutterbug Magazine
    Cotton Camera Carrying System - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Outdoor Photographer
    Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Digital Photo Pro

    Harness Features

    • Patented twist and lock carrying system.
    • Secures 1 camera.
    • Made in two colors: Realtree Xtra Camo and Charcoal Grey.
    • Allows you to be active while still having your optics accessible.
    • Webbing design goes on in a flash. Slips over the shoulder, then a clip around your torso. Easy to put on, easy to take off.
    • Comes with a safety tether to prevent any accidental drops.
    • Comes with our slip-over weather cover.
    • Includes two stash pockets.
    • Fits comfortably under a backpack.

    Included in package

    (1) G3 Camera Harness - Charcoal Grey

    (1) Safety Tether

    (1) Clip on Weather Cover

    (1) CCS Hub - Flat Mounting Hardware

    (1) Hi-density Rubber Washer

    (1) Stainless Steel Marine Grade Camera Mounting Bolt

    (1) Allen Key

    Carry Comfortably

    Secure your larger lens via the lens foot on your lens to assure maximum comfort. The harness also fits comfortably under a backpack.


    Cotton Carrier original, flat, virtually indestructible, friction-free, hard-anodized aluminum hub. Secured with a slotted hole to allow for slight adjustment to avoid blocking the battery door. A threaded hole on the hub allows you to still use your tripod with our system.

    Safety Tether

    Backup high impact rated Safety Tether. Provides an extra level of security when using the harness. Added redundancy allowing you to be certain your camera is always safe.

    Weather Cover

    The G3 Weather Cover is designed for the elements. This self containing bag is weather proof protecting against dust and water. There is 10 inches of clearance inside. Complete with a clip to attach to.

    Technical Information:

    Harness: weights 441g or 0.97 lbs
    Materials: Kodra Synthetic canvas with DWR coding fitted and a hardened nylon 6 receiver plate
    Safety Tether: weighs 17.5g
    Materials: High Impact rated clips made of fiber glass reinforced hardened plastic with aluminum lever and nylon webbing
    Camera Hardware: weighs 20.5g
    Materials: (CCS Hub - Flat Mounting Hardware, Hi-density Rubber Washer, and Stainless Steel Marine Grade Camera Mounting Bolt)
    One Size FitsAll: design going from 26" to 57" inch waist
    No weight max: achievable by camera gear

    Our updated design also features

    • 3 year warranty against manufacturing defect

    • 30 day no questions asked returns policy

    • 2 day shipping options available for US customers

    • 24/7 customer service from real humans

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I use the tripod or quick release?

    The hardware has a tripod holed milled into it for tripod use. If you use quick release we recommend the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate or Universal Arca Swiss L-Bracket.


    Women's sizing

    The harness system is one size fits all with 6 points of adjustment. We get lots of positive feedback from woman photographers.

    Sizing for larger or smaller individuals

    The systems are one size fits all, spanning 26" to 57" inch waist measurements.

    Return Policy

    30 day no questions asked returns and 3 year technical warranty.

    Does the system work for large telephotos like a 600mm?

    The carrier will not fail under the weight of your camera/lens setup. A 600mm will place your weight forward and for some, it becomes a bit awkward. The system will not fail, but it becomes a subjective matter of comfort.

    Can I add another camera or binocular holster after?

    Yes, we offer a modular side holster with camera or binocular hardware. Or the individual hardware for camera or binoculars can be purchased independently.

    Can I put my camera into the binocular carrier's receiver? Or vice versa?

    All hardware uses the same twist and lock system, so you can place your camera or binoculars interchangeably in any receiver. 

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