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Early in life, Chris was inspired by looking through magazines like National Geographic and LIFE at his local library. Today he is always on the lookout for a different angle, a new way to push himself while exploring a much deeper and soulful creativeness beyond the technical limitations of his image creating tools. Fundamental to his creativeness is the trust he's gained over the years with those he follows allowing him unprecedented access to create his iconic images. Chris' images have been regularly published in some of the most celebrated western publications, in addition, his images have been used in national and international advertising campaigns with some of the world's most notable brands. Chris and his wife are self-employed and based in Utah where a majority of his Western work has been captured at and alongside the ranches and families of the American West. Chris also is a photography educator, holding annual workshops that are not only authentic Western adventures, they’re also a time for others to come together and learn from one another as Chris leads them through framing the west while composing compelling stories. Chris's work can be found, on Instagram at @cdphotog, and on Facebook

"Safe and secure, these are two words that come to mind when I put on the Cotton Carrier G3 two-camera harness system. Without a doubt there’s nothing more secure that will prevent my camera from shaking to pieces while I’m on horseback out on location. The ability to focus on riding while knowing that my cameras are secure is just simply invaluable."