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Stephan Matera

This is me. I'm definitely more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. I shot this tonight at Grandview Point at the Grand Canyon. I'm still traveling with my family on a fantastic tour of the Southwest, and this is the final leg of our trip. We've been canyoneering, hiking, exploring, and eating ice cream all week. I've recently started working with @cotton_carrier. They make all sorts of camera carriers for on the go. I've been using this one all week and have totally loved it. It has allowed me to keep my camera immediately accessible so I've been able to get shots of the kids on the fly on this trip. More photos from this trip coming soon. And I promise, no more selfies for a while. #southwest #arizona #me


Ankur - Element Fusion Studios

As a professional wedding and engagement photographer, the equipment I use is of paramount importance to ensure I get the shots I need. 
I primarily use 2 x Canon 5DMK3's, the trusty Canon 70-200 2.8 IS on one body and another wide angle of my choice on the other. While my backup bodies and lenses might be stowed away safely in my road cases, the gear I carry on my have to be protected as well.
Shooting a wedding or an engagement shoot typically requires me to switch quickly between bodies to capture the moment. When I started photography some decades ago, I used to use the straps that came with my cameras and slung a camera off each side of me, pinching the skin on my neck.
I then discovered the swinging straps of doom that mounted on my like a harness, but then each camera body dangled by my sides, hitting everything in their path as I walked. Then one of my 2nd shooters came to a wedding wearing what looked like a bullet proof vest - it looked mean, rugged and secure! I asked him what it was and then to my amazement, mounted his DSLR holding the 70-200 onto his chest harness, then his 2nd DSLR onto his side holster - amazing! Throughout the rest of the wedding, I observed how secure his gear was, mounted in each holster double secured with a clip on strap attaching each body to the loops on the chest harness. On top of this, h e was able to quickly swap bodies with ease, without the fuss of traditional harnesses, belt clips, neck straps, etc. I quickly came home and bought this combo from the good folks at Cotton Carrier, which was at that time version 1 of the harness and side holster. For years, I walked into weddings feeling more secure about my gear and finding it easier to switch between bodies. If that wasn't enough, the system makes it so much easier to carry 2 bodies and lenses on you all day without the typical aches, pains and soreness from traditional systems. The new G3 version contains impressive padding that helps maintain a comfortable experience all around along with heavy duty stitching and components.
The harness and side holster combo demands attention and looks professional; when you walk into an event with these on you truly look like a professional. Today, I'm using version 3 of the chest harness and side holster combo, yet my version 1 is still kicking strong after all these years. On top of this, I also utilize their DSLR carrier that buckles around your waist and I either have my 3rd body in it or multiple lenses, memory cards and batteries so I don't have to run back to my equipment case. I would never use anything but the Cotton Carrier system and I can't recommend it enough! It's easy to use and allows me to feel confident my equipment will not drop and allows me to focus on my shots and composition instead of a sore back. Thank you Cotton Carrier!




Alan McCornack

I'll be pre-ordering the G3 Strapshot in a moment.  I just want to say thank you, merci beaucoup, vielen dank and muchicimos gracias for your products.  I can be a real klutz sometimes, and your camera carrying system has save my equipment from certain destruction many, many times.  There is no feeling in the world like watching a $1500 lens and $3500 camera crash to the ground, untethered.  Happened to me on a wooden pier, and Canon was nice enough to repair the month-old (!) 5D sr (broken battery compartment) for free.  [50-500mm lens was trash.]  The only other company I know of that is that nice is Cotton Carrier.  Your support team is excellent, and I am proud to use your products.  I can't imagine going these places with anything else.  Have you seen a desert like this?  You have to get up early, and hike miles.  You help make it happen for me.