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Best Way to Carry Your Camera for Biking

Capturing moments when riding a bike can be an enriching experience during the time you’re there, and when you’re looking back on trips. But, biking can be demanding on gear, especially digital cameras. The rougher the terrain, the more delicate objects you bring are subject to various jolts, bumps, and vibrations. Over time, it can cause them to fail.

Skout for Camera


Cameras will benefit from extra care and attention when it comes to long-distance off-road riding. It’s important to consider how to carry them so they don’t get damaged and you can effectively use them on your ride.

How to Protect Your Camera While Biking

Carrying a camera close to your body will provide the best long-term protection since bodies absorb micro-vibrations that knock the camera around. To keep your camera close, camera harnesses are usually the best options for protecting your camera while biking. These can be sling harnesses or chest harnesses.

Using a Camera Harness for Hiking

One advantage of carrying your camera in a harness is that it will be with you every moment of the ride, whether on your bike or off it. 

Sling harnesses sling across the body, allowing you to grab for your camera easily. It’s quicker than using a backpack. They’re convenient as many biking photographers carry large cameras and lenses. The Cotton Carrier SKOUT is a sling-style camera harness that is ergonomically designed to hug the body’s core while still making it easy to instantly and quietly deploy your camera.

Cotton Carrier Skout


Having a chest harness is also a great option for active photographers. It supports and secures a camera while still keeping it always at the ready. The Cotton Carrier G3 Harness offers an ergonomic design that distributes the weight of the camera, helping lessen the fatigue from a long day of biking and shooting. With the safety tether, it prevents any accidental drops.

Cotton Carrier Camera Harness

Cotton Carrier Harnesses are made from professional-grade materials to protect your cameras and lenses. Our high-quality products are made from tough materials like Rugged Nylon 6 camera mounts, hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs, and quality polypropylene nylon webbing and straps. These materials help keep your camera secure, especially for active photographers like bikers.

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