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Cotton Carrier Team

The Cotton Camera Carrier Team, from L to R: Andrew Cotton Chamberlayne, Warehouse Guru; Andy Cotton Chamberlayne, President; Stephanie Parker (niece-in-law), Trade Show Diva; Jackson Parker, employee-in-training; Kennedy Parker, Junior photographer-in-training; Brook Parker (nephew), Second-in-Command; Sam Cotton Chamberlayne, Shipping Specialist.

Eco Friendly Practices

While we're not perfect, we are making strides on an ongoing basis to improve our on the waste our shop produces and our impact to the environment.

1. One percent of our total sales go towards environmental non-profits

2. All of our packaging is made from an average 53% post consumer recycled fiber 

3. In warehouse we reuse all received packing paper and reuse all boxes that still maintain their strength (unusable are flattened and recycled

4. All received plastic bags are saved for reuse or properly brought to the local plastic recycling depot

5. All of our products are built with the highest quality to last a lifetime. Covered by our 3 year technical warranty. Many of our first 500 original harness purchasers have let us know their harnesses are still holding strong! Cotton products will not end up in landfill a year after you purchase.

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All direct orders are shipped without their retail packaging

In an effort to reduce our environmental impact all direct orders are shipped without their retail packaging. If you are giving the Cotton Carrier as a gift please contact us for special shipping in its retail packaging. 

Andy Cotton's Story

I worked as a Special Effects Supervisor in the film industry for over 26 years. My specialty was designing physical effects: cars crashing, people hanging off buildings, that type of stuff. The rules were simple, and the only constant was functionality and 100% reliability. The KISS Principle (Keep it simple, stupid) ruled. People's lives were on the line; there was no room for error.

Later, as a professional landscape photographer, I found no product to meet my need for a camera-carrying solution that was comfortable, secure, and accessible. Sure, there were bags, sling straps, belt clips, and all manner of shiny things. But all were "toys" designed by designers, not photographers. Nothing allowed me to carry my camera comfortably, securely, and with quick accessibility.

My years of design experience in the film industry came into play as I set out to design the system I needed. It had to be simple, without springs or moving parts. Nothing that could fail, jam, or break. Made of top-quality materials, it had to function and be absolutely reliable in all situations. It had to provide comfort and accessibility in order to improve my photographic experience. Five years later, according to enthusiastic feedback from satisfied customers from around the world, I believe I got it right. Simple, functional, high quality: Cotton Camera Carrier Systems.

Quote from one of our first 500 purchasers.

Paul H. Stuetze on Jan 02, 2019

There are very few companies in the world today, from whom you can purchase innovative, durable products, and stay effective and relevent in photography, even if you own their earliest Generation1 Model. This is the true story with me and with Cotton Carrier Systems and my original black harness, with the white script lettering, "cotton," just below the torso hub plate.

There were NO surprises for me over the years, as I evolved through my favorite newer/used Nikon camera bodies, lenses and related gear. Always .., ALWAYS.., my original CCS Harness System, met and served me, completely and well! How do you top something like that kind of an original investment?

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Cotton Family Heritage

The one who started it all, Audrey Cotton. Mother of Andy Cotton, founder and inventor of Cotton Carrier. The name "Cotton" comes from the Latin term "At The Cottage." Living around lakes, hills and trees. We live by this code, especially being from one of the most naturally beautiful  places on the planet, British Columbia. Thanks Grandma!

1% For The Planet

We are proud to donate 1% of sales towards environmental non-profits.