What's the difference?

  • Camera strap - CCS G3 Strapshot

    G3 Strapshot

    The CCS G3 Strapshot camera strap holster secures to the shoulder strap of your backpack, removing the weight of your camera while keeping it accessible. A smart and comfortable solution for those who usually carry a backpack. Package includes a handstrap.

  • Slingbelt

    Subtle, out of the way, and hands-free. Take your sling to another level with our fixed position carrier. While typical slings leave your camera swinging widly, the Slingbelt camera strap holster locks the camera in one position, freeing up your hands and allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

  • Wanderer Side Holster

    The Wanderer Side Holster is our most lightweight and portable camera strap system, simply securing to your belt for independent use. This system is also a modular addition to any of our carrier systems if you want one more camera available in a fixed, comfortable position.

Photographer carrying large camera equipment with camera straps and camera slings
Outdoor photographer carrying photography equipment with camera straps and slings in the snow
Woman carrying a DSLR camera using the best camera strap
Photographer wearing a camera using a camera strap

The camera essentials you always knew you needed

Enjoy your adventures without your gear becoming a burden! Designed by photographers, our camera straps and slings will allow you to carry your camera gear more comfortably and securely while providing quick access to your essentials. These simple, functional, high-quality straps guarantees a better photographic experience.

Truly hands-free camera straps

  • Ergonomic

    The ergonomic design of Cotton Carrier straps distributes the weight of the camera to lessen the fatigue on long shooting days.

  • Woman wearing a camera sling while photographing


    Be in the moment knowing your gear is secured as you climb, bike, hike, bird watch, canoe ... you get the idea.

  • Photographer viewing an image on his camera mounted in a camera strap holster


    Always having your camera accessible is more than just a feature, it’s the catalyst for getting your next beautiful shot.

Wildlife photographer using a camera strap to hold his photography gear


"Part of my success relies heavily on the gear I use. I’m a firm believer in only using the best. Pay for it once and never have to worry about it. Cotton Carrier systems are a key part of my gear list. It’s made from quality materials and functions flawlessly at every turn."

— Jason Loftus (UntamedImages)

Featured in

Cotton Camera Carrying System - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Outdoor Photographer
Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Digital Photo Pro
Outdoor photography accessories and harnesses for cameras, binoculars, and drones - made of professional grade materials

Professional grade materials with a guarantee

Cameras and lenses are expensive, so why take a chance when transporting your gear? Our high-quality camera straps and slings are made from tough materials: 

• Rugged Nylon 6 camera mounts
• Hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs
• Premium polypropylene nylon webbing and straps
• Precise stitching and oversized clips all around

Frequently asked questions

Do I get an instructional manual?

Yes all systems come with instructions which will be included in your purchase.

What are the technical specifications?

Harness weights 441g or 0.97 lbs

Materials: Kodra Synthetic canvas with DWR coding fitted and a hardened nylon 6 receiver plate

Safety Tether weighs 17.5g

Materials: High Impact rated clips made of fiber glass reinforced hardened plastic with aluminum lever and nylon webbing

Camera Hardware weighs 20.5g

Materials: (CCS Hub – Flat Mounting Hardware, Hi-density Rubber Washer, and Stainless Steel Marine Grade Camera Mounting Bolt)

One Size Fits All design going from 26″ to 57″ inch waist

No weight max achievable by camera gear

Can I still use my tripod?

Yes, you can still use your tripod. With our Universal tripod adapter plate, you can go directly from your CC harness into your favorite tripod head. It’s Arca-swiss compatible and if you use another brand like Manfrotto you just need to bolt the foot onto the Universal adapter plate. This adapter fits about 95% of the tripods currently created.

If you have any questions, kindly contact us:

Toll-free in North America 1-877-852-9423
Direct Dial 1-778-340-1535

Professional Quality Camera Straps and Slings

We know how important it is to keep your camera safe and ready, whether you're climbing hills or weaving through crowds to get that perfect shot. Our straps are designed to make sure your camera is always right there with you, secure and easy to grab at a moment's notice.

Our camera straps are built tough to last through all your adventures. They're comfortable too, so you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down or strained. We've got a variety of styles, from sleek slings to sturdy harnesses, all made to keep your gear safe and make shooting photos easier.

Cotton Carrier straps and slings cater to a wide range of photography styles and environments. From the urban photographer who needs quick access in a crowded setting to the wilderness photographer requiring sturdy support on their outdoor expeditions, our products are versatile enough to meet diverse needs. The adjustable features and ergonomic design ensure a perfect fit for every body type, providing stability and reducing the risk of camera drops or mishaps.

The choice of a camera strap or sling can significantly impact your photography experience. It's not just about carrying your camera; it's about enhancing your mobility, comfort, and readiness to shoot. With the right strap, your camera becomes an extension of your body, always there when you need it, without ever getting in the way.