Which Binocular Harness is Best for Birding?

  • Man wearing a pair of binoculars in a bino harness

    G3 Harness

    Experience unmatched comfort and weight distribution with the G3 Binocular Harness. Perfect for birdwatching, this ergonomic harness handles one or two pairs of binoculars with ease. Enjoy hours of birding with maximum stability and convenience.

  • Binoculars in binocular harness

    Skout G2

    The Skout G2 is a lightweight, portable version of the G3 harness. It's ideal for mid-sized or smaller binoculars, offering excellent stability and ease of carrying. Perfect for birdwatching, the Skout G2 ensures comfort and security during long birding sessions.

  • Binoculars in bino holster

    Wanderer Side Holster

    The Wanderer Side Binocular Holster is our lightest, most portable option for birding. It easily secures to your belt and can be added to any carrier system for a comfortable, fixed position. Perfect for birdwatching, it keeps your binoculars within easy reach.

A must-have birdwatching accessory

Enjoy your adventures without your binoculars becoming a burden! Designed by photographers, our carrier systems will allow you to carry your binos more comfortably and securely while providing quick access to your essentials. It’s a simple, functional, high-quality harness that guarantees a better viewing experience.

A truly hands-free binocular harness

  • Ergonomic

    Designed for optimal comfort, our harnesses distribute weight evenly to reduce strain during long birdwatching sessions.

  • Safe

    Our secure twist-and-lock system ensures your binoculars stay firmly in place, preventing accidental drops while you're searching.

  • Accessible

    With our harnesses, your binoculars are always within easy reach, allowing for quick and effortless access to catch every moment.

Wildlife photographer using a camera strap to hold his photography gear


"Part of my success relies heavily on the gear I use. I’m a firm believer in only using the best. Pay for it once and never have to worry about it. Cotton Carrier systems are a key part of my gear list. It’s made from quality materials and functions flawlessly at every turn."

— Jason Loftus (UntamedImages)

Thoughtfully designed

Featured in

Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Shutterbug Magazine
Cotton Camera Carrying System - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Outdoor Photographer
Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Digital Photo Pro
Outdoor photography accessories and harnesses for cameras, binoculars, and drones - made of professional grade materials

Professional grade materials with a guarantee

Secure your binoculars with a quality carrier. Our bino harnesses are made from tough materials, providing secure and reliable support for your birding adventures.: 

• Rugged Nylon 6 camera mounts
• Hand-tooled anodized aluminum camera mounting hubs
• Premium polypropylene nylon webbing and straps
• Precise stitching and oversized clips all around