Skout G2 Instructions

Man demonstrating how to put on a CCS Skout G2 camera sling harness

1. Place the Skout around your chest
and over one shoulder - not over
your head. Use all three straps to
adjust it to your body, ensuring it
feels snug and comfortable.

Man attaching a CCS hub to a camera

2. Now, attach the hub to your camera.
Be sure to align the arrows on the hub
in the same direction as the lens,
facing towards the front and back of
your camera.

Clip on strap for CCS Skout G2 sling style harness attached to camera

3. Secure the camera tether by looping
it around your camera’s eyelet.

Man wearing camera sling harness while inserting a camera

4. Hold your camera so that the
lens is facing to the side (parallel
with the ground), and place it into
the harness receiver.

Camera sling harness being worn with a camera attached

5. Then, turn the lens 90 degrees so
that it faces the ground. Your camera
is now securely held in place thanks
to our patented Twist & Lock system.

Binoculars with bracket attached

6.Use the velcro strap provided to
attach the binocular bracket to your
lens. [Secure the tether to the Skout’s

CCS Skout G2 camera sling harness shown while camera is covered for weatherproofing

7. Your Skout comes with a
self-contained [waterproof]
weather protector.

Man wearing a sling style holster with a drone controller attached

8. Find additional accessories online
like our brand NEW Flytdeck Drone
Controller Bracket.