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CCS Hand Strap

19 total reviews

Hand Grip Camera Strap

The CCS Hand Grip Camera Strap provides comfort and security when holding your DSLR. The heavy-duty Velcro strap allows you to instantly tighten or loosen your hand against the camera’s body, making holding heavy cameras and lenses a pleasure.

Placing your camera on your tripod is simple and easy allowing instant movement from hand-held to tripod shooting. The ability to use the CCS Hand Strap with all DSLR’s and with virtually any tripod on the market makes this a must-have camera accessory!

Product Code: 801CHS

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$39.00 USD
    CCS Hand Strap Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS Hand Strap Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS Hand Strap Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS Hand Strap Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS Hand Strap Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems

    Featured in

    Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Shutterbug Magazine
    Cotton Camera Carrying System - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Outdoor Photographer
    Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Digital Photo Pro
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I use the tripod or quick release?

    The hardware has a tripod holed milled into it for tripod use. If you use quick release we recommend the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate or Universal Arca Swiss L-Bracket.


    Women's sizing

    The harness system is one size fits all with 6 points of adjustment. We get lots of positive feedback from woman photographers.

    Sizing for larger or smaller individuals

    The systems are one size fits all, spanning 26" to 57" inch waist measurements.

    Return Policy

    3 week no questions asked returns and 3 year technical warranty.

    Does the system work for large telephotos like a 600mm?

    The carrier will not fail under the weight of your camera/lens setup. A 600mm will place your weight forward and for some, it becomes a bit awkward. The system will not fail, but it becomes a subjective matter of comfort.

    Can I add another camera or binocular holster after?

    Yes, we offer a modular side holster with camera or binocular hardware. Or the individual hardware for camera or binoculars can be purchased independently.

    Can I put my camera into the binocular carrier's receiver? Or vice versa?

    All hardware uses the same twist and lock system, so you can place your camera or binoculars interchangeably in any receiver. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Changed my world

    I have used this hand strap for 6 years so far and it is still as good as the day I got it.
    My reason for going with the CC hand strap was originally because I had neck and shoulder injuries and wearing a camera around my neck was not a possibility. I tried soft straps and would end up wrapping them around my wrist rather than slinging around my neck.
    I never considered using a hand strap as I also have psoriasis on the back of my hands and I thought it would irritate it. Not at all. It's a wide and soft pad and has proven to be extremely comfortable to use wether I'm walking around the CNE with my wife or running a 14 hour photography day trip in Algonquin park.
    I've recommended cotton carrier to anyone who would listen for 6 years now and have no plans to stop.

    Never looked back

    For three years I experimented with a variety of strap styles. I hung my camera from my neck, then I tried the 'sport' straps that wrapped around the shoulder. I was never particularly happy or comfortable regardless which strap I tried. A friend recommended the Cotton Carrier system a little over three years ago.

    I liked the comfort, I liked how as someone who shoots primarily action photography the hand strap design lent itself to quicker reaction times when I had a shot to grab.

    My camera wasn't banging into me as I walked. I didn't have to constantly check to make sure my camera wasn't separating from my sport strap. And I wasn't fumbling for my camera when action happened.

    Thank you Cotton Carrier for this awesome product and thank you Bryan W. for the recommendation.

    Can’t live without it

    Like other reviewers, I found neck straps very uncomfortable and awkward. The hand strap has made a huge difference!! It is comfortable, helps secure and stabilize the camera, and makes shooting with heavy lenses painless. I like to shoot music performances and flower close-ups and this product has made both types of photography much easier.

    The CCS Hand Strap is an excellent accessory!

    It just works

    Super simple super comfy , me like

    Great for single handed use

    This was my second one I bought and its had some nice improvements since the first one. Can use most and tripod mounting plate with supplied hardware. Living in Thailand. I hesitated since shipping is a bit high( cheap airmail would have been fine with me) I tried a cheap Chinese version and have to say at least the mounting system was nice but the straps were not easy to adjust and slipped a lot, then found one at a local camera shop from "B Grip" hated it was about 35.00us and had to make my own mounting plate screws even though the pics and ads shoed it came with them and they do make similar products .But its made of rubber and plastic and uses plastic screws and had to modify it to make it work for me So I ordered the Cotton CCS Hand strap works perfect with or without the battery pack does not block access to battery compartment as the other two did but with the battery pack it is no problem any way. I have recommended this to all my friends from the first one and now still recommend this and all cotton products I really like the easy of adjustability on this. My next camera will get one as well.