CC Customer Stories : February - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems

CC Customer Stories : February


Hello! I just want to tell you my story. I'm a travel and wildlife photographer based in 
California. Recently my doctor told me I had to lose weight or a laundry list of diseases
would shorten my life. I wasn't going to let it happen! In 6 months I lost 60 pounds and
cured almost all of my health issues, except one. The last remaining problem I had was back pain, leg pain, and resulting from the same
condition - foot pain from walking. I met with experts and they told me the problem
was in my back and that I had to keep all my weight in the center of my body or it
would cause pain and more problems. So I Googled my way into the Cotton Carrier solution. The idea of a harness for my
camera and long lens keeping all the weight at the center line of my body seemed
like the solution. The best harness on the market, according to everyone, is the
Cotton Carrier. I looked at some cheap copies, but since I spent so much money on the camera system
it makes no sense to try to pinch pennies when its function it to keep the gear safe. Now I can hike, hands free, move quickly through urban environments, even hide the
harness when not in use under a light jacket. The only thing I need now is the holster
for carrying a second body! Thanks!

I'm on board the M/V Steve Irwin, one of Sea Shepherd's ships, heading for
the Ross Sea to locate the Japanese whalers and stop them from killing
whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. At 50-something degrees
south the ship is covered in ice and encountering rough weather. As ship's
photographer I'm out on deck photographing crew activities but my first
priority is making sure I don't slide across the icy deck and flip over the rail
in to the sea. Thank goodness I'm wearing my Cotton Carrier! I can quickly
lock my camera into place on my chest and have two free hands to grab
on to the rail when need be. I don't know how many times it has saved me
but I know for sure that I would never come out on deck without it. The
same goes for many other situations such as climbing down a rope ladder
from the Steve Irwin's deck into a Zodiac on a tossing sea: without the
Cotton Carrier securing my camera to my chest I would be in a dangerous
predicament. The Cotton Carrier is a life saver and I know i can always
depend on it.
-Bill R.

As an amateur Wildlife Photographer, I took a trip to Alaska in 2015.  
Since the trip consisted of extreme landscapes and wildlife, I wanted
something that would carry my cameras easily.  I found a backpack was
great for carrying my equipment when I was in a vehicle but when it
came to being on foot, it was bulky and it took time to get my cameras
out - which often meant I lost some creative shots - wildlife seldom
stand still.  I purchased the Sports Camera Harness and a Camera Holster. 
Both were great for the treks through Alaska. The journey varied from a
narrow gauge train ride through the mountains, to a stern-wheeler trip
on the river, to a Glacier Cruise - the highlight of my trip.  It even included
a wildlife viewing trip through Denali, where I was lucky enough to see
and photograph the entire mountain without clouds, as well as elk, moose,
and a variety of birds and raptors.  Since I have a military disability that
affects my arms and spine, I can't tolerate the weight of a camera when
wearing it around my neck for even a short time.  The Camera Harness
was the perfect item.  It took all the weight off my neck and distributed
it evenly.  I was able to wear my cameras all the time; which enable me
to take hundreds of pictures of the beauty and wonder that Alaska had
to offer.  Not only was the harness a convenient way to carry my camera
but it was also a secure one.  I didn't have to worry about losing the
camera over-board or when hiking to various locations.  The extra holster
came in handy for having an extra camera at my fingertips.  That way I
didn't have to change lens when going from landscape shots to close-ups. 
 I am planning on traveling to various National Parks across the country in
the near future and will definitely be wearing the Sports Camera Harness. 
It doesn't matter which camera I have, they all fit comfortable and securely
in the harness or the holster.  Neither of these items show any wear, and
will help me handle whatever terrain I find myself in.  It frees my hands so
I can use a walking stick, which makes it much safer.  I have encouraged
other photographers that I know of the excellence and simplicity of using
either the camera harness or holster or both together.  These were a God-send
for me. It was one of the greatest experiences I have had and I am looking
forward to adding to that as I continue my photographic journeys.  I will
never go any place now without wearing the camera harness/holster
thanks to the fantastic design from Cotton Carrier.
Katherine F
I had polio as a child and use crutches to walk. A camera around my neck 
would tend to swing side to side. This would sometimes throw me off
balance. Using the strap to the side didn't work since the crutches go close
to my body. I found the Cotton carrier and it solved my problems. Now
I'm able to move around with my camera at the ready. Thanks for such a
helpful product.
- JP B

I have used Cotton Carrier products for over 6 yrs.  I have hiked in the
mountains of Glacier, the Smokies, Moab, Badlands and Acadia. Your
products are well built and worthy of my trust to keep my cameras
protected in all ways.  Thank you "Cotton" for your production of fine
- Jerry S.