Interview with a photographer feature: Mike Carroll - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems

Interview with a photographer feature: Mike Carroll

Cotton Carrier: Where do you call home?

Mike Carroll: Northern New Jersey, just outside of NYC.

CC: How long have you taken photographs for unprofessionally and professionally?

MC: I’ve been taking pictures since 2014. I started to get serious with my photography in 2017.

CC: How would you define your style as a photographer?

MC: That’s a tough one, I started out taking portraits and shooting live concerts for for rock bands. Now I shoot everything from the moon, wildlife and the night sky.

CC: Have you ever gone to photography school?

MC: No, I learned on my own.

CC: Where is your favorite place or thing to shoot?

MC: At this current moment I would have to say the moon and Milky Way.

CC: What Camera(s) / Lenses do you use?

MC: Sony a7RV, Sony a9 II for bodies. All Sigma lenses such as the 150-600mm DG DN Sports, Sigma 28mm f/1.4 Art, Sigma 28-70mm DG DN to name a few.

CC: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to get “The Shot”?

MC: I’ve had my share of moments. I would say chasing storms and having a lightning bolt strike right in front of me was a bit crazy.

CC: Who has inspired you as a photographer?

MC: Certainly more than one person has. My friends that are photographers inspire me on a daily basis!

CC: What advice would you tell an aspiring photographer?

MC: The best advice that I could give is to get out and shoot as much as possible. Even if the weather isn’t looking the best, you might miss a shot you wish that you went out for!

CC: Can you share a photographic resource you personally use?

MC: I enjoy reading various photographic resources such as, Photons to Photos, Peta Pixel, DP Review, DXOMARK, rumor sites, etc.


CC: How has photography shaped your day to day?

MC: It can be a bit challenging. There are times when I need to wake up early for sunrise or a Milky Way shoot and have a moonrise workshop later that day.

CC: Where has photography taken you, and made you experience?

MC: It has been fun and challenging ride! I like the fact that I shoot different types of photography and it’s nice that I get to teach others what I’ve learned so they adapt more efficiently.