CCS G3 Harness Instructions

For 1 camera, 2 camera or with binoculars

Man demonstrating tightening G3 camera harness around waist

1. Place the harness over your body, then
adjust the fit using the waist straps -
make sure they’re the same length so
that the harness sits square and snug on
your body. Once adjusted, it should rest at
mid torso as shown.

Man demonstrating how to tighten the straps on a G3 camera harness

2. Next, adjust the shoulder straps,
again ensuring that the harness feels
snug and comfortable. The right fit
will ensure that the weight of your
camera is distributed evenly.

Instructional photo of man wearing a G3 camera harness with adjustable shoulder straps

3. Depending on your size and height, you
may wish to make further adjustments. To
do so, remove the harness and use the
velcro straps inside the shoulder area to
find your fit.

Instructional photo of CCS Hub being attached to a camera

4. Now it’s time to attach the hub to your camera [using the Allen key provided]. Be sure to align the arrows on the hub in the same direction of the lens.

Video Instructions Here

Man wearing a G3 camera harness with one camera being attached

5. Once the hub is attached, hold your camera so that the lens is facing to the side (parallel with the ground), and place it into the harness receiver. Then, turn the lens to face the ground. Your camera is now securely held in place thanks to our patented Twist & Lock system.

Man demonstrating attaching a camera holster to a camera harness

6. Attach the side holster to your harness using the velcro wraps as shown here. If preferred, you can also attach the holster to your belt or to the waist strap of your backpack.

Man demonstrating how to wear a G3 camera harness with two cameras attached to tethers

7. For added security, attach the tethers using the d-rings on your harness and the eyelets on your camera.