Photographer Jason LoftusPhotographer Jason Loftus

Jason Loftus

My name is Jason Loftus, I live in Northern Utah. I’m a Father to three amazing kids and a Husband to a beautiful and very supportive wife. The seed for my photography passion was planted many years ago when I was just a kid out exploring and hunting with my family. I have been taking my passion serious now for the past 5 years focusing mainly on wildlife and wild scapes.

Photo of a snowy buffalo taken by Jason LoftusPhoto of a snowy buffalo taken by Jason Loftus

My goal is to capture unique moments and use natural light to my advantage. When I capture a moment it becomes a historical record, a moment that can never be exactly reproduced or experienced again. Wild moments! Untamed Moments!

"Part of my success relies heavily on the gear I use. I’m a firm believer in only using the best. Pay for it once and never have to worry about it. Cotton Carrier systems are a key part of my gear list. It’s made from quality materials and functions flawlessly at every turn. My favorite pieces are the CCS G3 Harness and the CCS G3 Strapshot. The benefit of this gear to me is having the ability to have multiple cameras on me at one time and allowing me to keep my hands free to focus on other tasks such as using trekking poles while hiking. It also keeps my camera in a very accessible location where I can get to it quickly when needed. I learned a long time ago that a camera in your pack tends to stay in your pack, so having it on my chest or on my pack strap makes sure I capture more images. I love my Cotton Carrier systems, don’t know what I’d do without them!"