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CCS Hub - 10 degree

5 total reviews

Sloped CCS Hub

Virtually indestructible, friction-free, hard-anodized aluminum hub with a 10 degree slope. This hub is only required if you need a spare or have lost your original Cotton Carrier 10 degree hub.

Compatible with all Cotton Carrier Models. 

Single Kit: Includes one 10-degree aluminum hub plus (1) hi-density rubber washer, (1) stainless steel marine grade camera mounting bolt, (1) allen key, and (1) split-ring for a tether strap.
 Product Code: 344ARH

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    CCS Hub - 10 degree Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS Hub - 10 degree Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems
    CCS Hub - 10 degree Camera Carrying System - Cotton Camera Carrying Systems

    Featured in

    Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Shutterbug Magazine
    Cotton Camera Carrying System - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Outdoor Photographer
    Cotton Camera Carrying Systems - also known as Cotton Carrier - featured in Digital Photo Pro
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I use the tripod or quick release?

    The hardware has a tripod holed milled into it for tripod use. If you use quick release we recommend the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate or Universal Arca Swiss L-Bracket.


    Women's sizing

    The harness system is one size fits all with 6 points of adjustment. We get lots of positive feedback from woman photographers.

    Sizing for larger or smaller individuals

    The systems are one size fits all, spanning 26" to 57" inch waist measurements.

    Return Policy

    3 week no questions asked returns and 3 year technical warranty.

    Does the system work for large telephotos like a 600mm?

    The carrier will not fail under the weight of your camera/lens setup. A 600mm will place your weight forward and for some, it becomes a bit awkward. The system will not fail, but it becomes a subjective matter of comfort.

    Can I add another camera or binocular holster after?

    Yes, we offer a modular side holster with camera or binocular hardware. Or the individual hardware for camera or binoculars can be purchased independently.

    Can I put my camera into the binocular carrier's receiver? Or vice versa?

    All hardware uses the same twist and lock system, so you can place your camera or binoculars interchangeably in any receiver. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Very good.

    I had lost my hub so ordered another. I use the 10 degree tilted hub to hold my telephoto. I like the slight angle. The hubs are well made, solid and work easily with the harness. They attach to the lens collar (or the camera) easily and I have never had one loosen. Good workmanship and solid. Get an extra for a second camera or lens.

    Definitely nice if you’re shooting with a battery grip

    I shoot on a D700 w/ battery grip, so I though this 10 degree angle would help minimize the downward weight awkwardness I get when using the straight hub with a large camera body. Works well to balance weight.

    Only issue is when I put my 28-300 lens on it, the lens hood digs into my stomach a little. Without the hood, it’s perfect... but who shoots without a lens hood.

    Regardless, still better than the straight hub when using a big body camera with zoom lens.

    Loving my Cotton Carrier

    I have enjoyed the Cotton Carrier body harness for a couple of years. It is comfortable and solid. The disk that locks the camera into the harness is well made. Solid, and stays secure. I need a second one, but they seem hard to get. Waiting for stock to arrive.

    Works GREAT!

    Due to the loss of this piece, I was unable to use my carrier. As a sports and wildlife photographer, I use it on a regular basis. Great customer service when I went to replace it! Thanks to the staff at Cotton!

    10 degree ccs hub

    I have had a number of this part from earlier days of using all sort of CCS, but it will not fit the newer CCS I bought. What is wrong?