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Best Way to Carry Your Camera for Birding

Birds are small, fast, and do not sit in one place for too long. You need a way to carry your camera that allows you to deploy it fast and does not strain your shoulders or back after long days of bird-watching. Your photos and you will benefit from a camera harness or carrier that allows quick and quiet deployment and a harness that keeps both your camera secure.

How to Carry Your Camera for Birding

Carrying your camera close to your body for easy access will allow you to capture birds in action, but it will also provide the best long-term protection and comfort. To keep your camera close to your body, camera harnesses are the best option for carrying your camera while birding. These can be both sling harnesses or chest harnesses.

Using a Camera Harness for Birding

Having your camera ready is crucial for capturing the perfect shot. A camera harness will allow you to instantly and quietly deploy your camera, keeping it close with you at every moment.

Man wearing a camera harness and shooting a photo while birding


Having a chest harness is a great option for birding photographers. It supports and secures your camera while keeping it ready. The G3 Harness by Cotton Carrier offers an ergonomic design to distribute the weight of the camera, helping lessen the fatigue of a long day of watching and capturing birds. It comes with the patented Twist & Lock mount so you can dismount without scaring away the birds.

Sling harnesses stretch across your body, helping you grab your camera faster than if it were in a backpack. They are convenient as many birding photographers carry large cameras and lenses. The SKOUT from Cotton Carrier is a sling-style harness that has a fixed-position carrying system. It offers great stability and weight distribution while still keeping your optics accessible. Just like the G3 Harness, it comes with the Twist & Lock mount, to not only secure your camera to your chest, but to also allow you to quietly deploy your camera without disturbing the birds.

The G3 Binocular & Camera Harness for binoculars and one camera is perfect for outdoor photographers and birders. With this harness you can comfortably carry binoculars and a camera at the same time, while distributing the weight evenly to help keep you moving.

Man wearing a binocular harness while birding

Cotton Carrier Camera Harness

Not only are Cotton Carrier Harnesses made with the quiet and quick Twist & Lock mount, but they are all made from professional-grade materials that protect your cameras, lenses, and provide comfort for long shooting days. Our high-quality products are made from tough materials that can withstand rain, shine, and any activity level that comes with birding.

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